Cleric Trainer Enoc
Cleric Trainer Enoc
Vital statistics
Appellation {{{appellation}}}
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction  ?
Status Alive
Location Saint's Haven

Cleric Trainer Enoc


is a NPC located in Saint's Haven.



  • How do you feel about Saint's Haven?

"Saint's Haven means much to the members of the Divine Order. When the Black Dragon drove us from our lands, this city was a refuge that protected us from his onslaught. If you will allow me to pry, what does this city mean to you?"

  • What have you been interested in lately?

Truthfully, I find my mind more and more occupied by the Dragon Cultists . It is still hard for me to believe that the Bishop was a member of their organization. It makes me wonder how many other cultists have been hiding among our ranks.

The mercenary from Lotus Marsh with all the muscles? I suppose he can be abit intense, but believe he has a good spirit. Why, what do you think of him?

  • Dragon Raid

"The people believe that Sir Velskud died in the Dragon Raid 50 years ago. Some believe he is alive, of course. Let them believe what they want."

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