Cataract Gateway

Cataract Gateway

Carderock Pass is available to each class at level 9.

This is the town where all classes can finally meet in a common area.


Merchants and Services Edit

  • Irine (Event Manager)
  • Korin (Blacksmith)
  • Rupert (Storage)
  • May (Shop)
  • Bailey (Scholar)
  • Alfred (Marketplace)
  • Deckard (Guild Manager)
  • Jeff (Goddess Teardrop Exchange)
  • Magician Frederick (Daredevil Faire Exchange)
  • Arnenne (Airship Ticketeer)
  • Ellesian (Airship Ticketeer)

Trainers Edit

  • Adeline (Archer Trainer)
  • Chandler (Warrior Trainer)
  • Tiana (Sorceress Trainer)
  • Germaine (Cleric Trainer)
  • Tinkerer Station (Tinkerer Trainer)
  • Kali Totem (Kali Trainer)
  • Tabi (Assassin Trainer)
  • Eltia (Lancea Trainer)
  • Anush (Machina Trainer)

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Trainer Lindsay
  • Kevin
  • Hubert
  • Fergus
  • Gobxes
  • Argenta
  • Lunaria

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